Monday, July 13, 2009

Stylin' in Yellow!

I recently purchased a fun little yellow watch, so I felt inspired to find out what else was out there....yellow being the hot accent color for the summer/fall. I have found that I really don't need much in the way of accessories when sporting something this bold.

We have five watches here, starting from the top:

1. Forever 21 - $12...yes, I said $12. Unreal, unbelievable...just not right that a watch that cute is that cheap.
2. Seiko - Been around for a long time - $218.
3. Michel - Golden yellow fashion snake - $545
4. Conquistador - $2,195
5. Aqua Techno with diamonds - Not sure of the price, but I am thinking expensive.

Have fun watch shopping!

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The Natural Horse Vet said...

I have the Yellow one too ..