Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jodhpurs: Riding Couture Style

I LOVE to shop....anywhere, everywhere, I do not discriminate, as you can see by the variety of couture mixed with Forever 21 above!

The topic of this blog post is Jodhpurs: you either love 'em or hate 'em. I personally love jodhpurs because for the most part, they're just flat out comfortable! Paired with the right coordinates, you can pull off a truly "Equestrianne" Mod look, as you can see above.

First I have demonstrated the runway look, which, let's face it, most of us are going nowhere in a runway look. But break it down to the basics and you can achieve some very chic looks that can take you casually shopping about town or spicing it up at the club....or, if need be, just looking like a rock star while mucking out stalls!

Let me break this down for you...

1. The jods. The jods above are from Forever 21. I actually own three pair! They were dirt cheap and I bought them as a disposable pair of pants, didn't even try them on, got home and fell in L-O-V-E. I went back and got two more.

2. The ruffle jacket. Also from Forever 21! But, you see jackets like this everywhere. I even have something similar in leather that I bought who knows where. Wear a cool vest to take the place of the jacket, something like this little red number (Yes, that was a shameless plug, but I only have a few left).

What's under the jacket? How about a Riding Couture fitted tee or if it's wintertime, a wool turtleneck sweater. Even try a stylish scarf or beret or hoop earrings, dog tag necklaces. Possibilities....endless!

3. The boots. The boots above are Michael Kors, around $300. You can wear something like this with a HUGE variety of outfits. How about a pair of Rock Revival skinny jeans, leggings or even a pair of wide legged pants?

An alternative, less expensive boot is the Mountain Horse Ladies Ice Rider, which I have personally owned four pairs to date. I ride in them, muck in them, wear them with jods, leather pants, skinny jeans. They are fully waterproof, mud proof, pretty indestructible. Here is a link...

Want to hit the club? Try the jods with knee-high or even ankle-high'll get noticed, guaranteed!

4. The belt. I have a western background, so I am a huge fan of very large belt buckles. Here is a Ralph Lauren belt that I am in love with .

Too expensive? Try this one, which I personally own... .

A belt buckle is a way to really express your individuality and sometimes it's the only accessory you need, so choose wisely.

5. The purse. Who doesn't love leopard print? This is from Ralph Lauren's Black Label, here is the link Make sure to browse the other RL'll be blown away.

Well Gang, this was my first attempt at an "Editorial Style" blog post. What do you think?

What's next? Stylin' in yellow...stay tuned!


Ellen said...

Excellent post! I love the editorial style, keep it up. :)

The Natural Horse Vet said...

I want want want LOL...
Love the boots,, great for my Harley Road King..

Julia said...

Nice post! Look forward to more. I love it all and have always wanted some of those boots.

I'm currently drooling over this equestrian style bag:

Livie said...

this is so fun! i love those pants, jacket and the belt buckle. hot!