Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Love....Big B

My longtime partner, Breda, came down with laminitis about a month ago after some routine vaccinations and steroid injections. It has been very hard for me around here, as he is getting older, and I really want his Golden Years to be happy and healthy. We had just been released to go back to work after a torn suspensory when I show up to the barn one afternoon to find Breda basically unable to walk. It was traumatic. Thankfully, I caught it fast and my farrier (my hero) was able to get to the barn within a few hours, as I cold hosed Breda's feet until his arrival. My farrier, Keith Swain, set me up with some really groovy boots called Soft Rides, and Breda has been walking around in his dry paddock happily and without lameness. We pulled the Bute about a week ago, so cross your fingers that we have a successful recovery.

Here I am on Breda for the first time since his bout of laminitis. We just walked around bareback a few rounds and called it a day, but he was happy to wear his show bridle and pretend that he was going to work. Isn't he a sight to behold. I love this horse so much.

Here's to more happy days, Big B!


The Natural Horse Vet said...

Here R.C.
Read this...

jennprattequineartist said...

what a gorgeous horse. I hope he gets better really soon. It's so hard when they aren't well/sound. I wish you all the best.


Julie said...

Cute Blog you have! I found you when I was doing a google search for stock ties. I am getting ready to compete sidesaddle against saddleseat riders with my American Saddlebred. Trying to get that perfect outfit together..something inbetween the traditional Saddle suit garb and the elegant historical sidesaddle suit and am leaning over toward the stock tie - verses a mans tie which is traditional for saddleseat (yuck!)

I have a couple of blogs, one dedicated to our farm and family life, one where I post candid photos from shows I cover for the magazine I work for and lastly and my favorite - my sidesaddle blog.
Please come and visit if you have time.

kimm2381 said...

How do you like keith swain? I am looking for a new farrier to come out to stanwood and saw his ad