Saturday, April 18, 2009

Steffen & Ravel Win The Freestyle!

You could have heard a pin drop tonight as Steffen and Ravel rode their freestyle tonight at the World Cup in Vegas! In true form, the two performed a near flawless ride, with an ending score of 84.6 (I think...I know it was 84. something) Steffen won two Rolex watches (one for he and Shannon) and $102,000. Wow, that's some nice spending money to go home with. Congratulations Steffen and Ravel... you have made your country so proud!

Here are some other highlights of the evening:

- Heath Ryan of Australia on Regordez MOI, 70.3. This jet black stallion reminds me of a shiny black seahorse, with a fabulous piaffe and even more fabulous all around profile. All the girl horses want him for their boyfriend, for sure!

- Jeanette Haazen of The Netherlands on Norton, 75.6. Here is a girl who is not afraid to add a little bling to her ensemble. She had gold piping around her orange collar and glitter on her saddle pad that glistened under all the lights. It was an elegant and tasteful use of sparkle. We approved!

- Hans Peter Minderhoud, 81.5 was riding a beautiful forward moving chestnut mare that just danced and floated across the arena to The Carpenters "Happy Together." It was a real feel good freestyle and the crowd loved it.

- Isabell and Satchmo (no need for a last know who I am talking about). The degree of difficulty in her test really stoood out to me. From the very beginning she passaged up the centerline and then piaffed right up to judges; then she did a very energetic (quite brilliant actually) extended trot right into a pirouette; then into a half-pass in passage and then up the center line in a one-handed passage. It was awesome to say the least!

- Anky and Painted Black were incredible to watch in both piaffe and passage and all trot work. The music was perfect for him and what can you say except they are brilliant to watch!

- Last but not least is Ashley Holzer of Canada on Poppy, 79.1. What an amazing team. They are truly poetry in motion and received a standing ovation for their fabulous piaffe work at the end!

This was my first World Cup experience and how lucky was I to witness Dressage history with the USA winning the actual "World Cup."

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