Thursday, April 16, 2009

Steffen & Ravel Win The GP!

Thursday, April 16, 2009.

It was a clear victory for Steffen Peters and Ravel in the GP today at the World Cup in Vegas, where they received a standing ovation for their winning ride. Man, oh man, was it exciting to watch. Steffen and Ravel were so in sync, so relaxed, such smooooooth operators! From the moment they entered the ring with that perfect halt at X, to the bold extensions, flawless half passes, you could just tell that they were destined to win. The grin on Steffen's face as they came up the final centerline was heartwarming to watch. The final score was a 77.9 and it was well deserved, as there was no doubt in ANYONE'S mind that it was the best ride of the day! Steffen had to do a little showing off in the winners' ceremony at the end, playfully performing a one-handed victory lap while riding one tempi changes! Congratulations Steffen and Ravel!

Some other fun highlights for me personally were, of course, Jan Brink and Briar. I have always loved this horse (I still have a straw of frozen semen in the freezer) and it was bittersweet finding out that this will be the last competition for the two, as Briar will be retiring at the age of 18! I am so happy that I was able to see the two in person.

Ashley Holzer and Pop Art, the Canadian team, were very exciting to watch. Pop Art is fondly referred to as "The Little Engine That Could," and you can see why. He just floats across the arena and seems to be saying "Yes, ma'am" the entire time. What a fun little horse to watch. The piaffe on this horse is dang near perfect! Their final score was 72.5.

I finally got to see Isabell and Anky live and in person. Wow! What amazing riders. Anky exhibited such control when Painted Black thought about getting a little feisty and Isabell received a 10 (yes, a 10) on one of her half passes on Satchmo! There's a reason these are two of the best dressage riders in the world!

On another note, my stock ties have been a hit at the show. I sold my new halter with fancy Riding Couture plate and charm before I could even hang it up in the Borne' Saddlery booth.

Well, until tomorrow...sweet dreams!

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