Friday, March 27, 2009

The Dressage Affaire

I just got back from the fabulous San Diego where I volunteered for my friend, Kim Keenan, at the annual Dressage Affaire CDI, hosted by Keenan Productions & Events ( ). This particular Dressage Affaire was extra special because it was a World Cup qualifier, so the best of the best turned up and it was quite the sight to behold.

Steffen Peters will be going to the World Cup on the fabulous Ravel, and I was there front and center, e-scribing for International judge, Joan McCartney. She is such a sweet and classy lady and gets just as excited about watching the dressage stars as we do.

Other hightlights were Jan Ebeling on Rafalca, my goodness, what an amazing freestyle. Can you say "Flawless." What a team. Leslie Morse also put on a very dramatic freestyle on Tip Top. Leslie is always fun to watch. And look out dressage world, Adrienne Lyle is on the cusp of major stardom! Debbie McDonald has trained her well...and it shows!

Two things were very, very exciting for Riding Couture. First off, the jog for the CDI....Shannon Peters won "Best Dressed" wearing a Riding Couture vest. Woo-Hoo! I snapped a picture, as you can see posted above. Isn't Shannon beautiful! Thank you, Shannon, for wearing my vest so well.

Best Dressed for the men was Guenter Seidel. I had picked Guenter, as he looked like he should be in a Polo Ralph Lauren ad....and I told him as much. I'm thinking that I should be the judge for the Best Dressed contest next year, especially since I know how to pick 'em!

Riding Couture sponsored the I-1 class with one of my stunning fleur-de-lis browbands. The winner got to pick between sterling silver or brass. Well, guess who won the browband.....none other than the legendary Guenter Seidel!!! Could Lady Luck have been any more on my side? My knees were knocking when I presented it to him, I didn't know if he would like it or not. I said, Guenter, which one would you like, and he said, "Which one do you suggest?" His horse is an incredible, larger-than-life chestnut named U-II, so I picked the brass, of course. Their rides together were so fabulous that they would dang near make you cry....not kidding! This team is destined for the Olympics.

The other pic above is a shot of the "Power Team." Starting to the left, Me (notice I'm wearing the fleur Bling tee), Janne Sleeper (Power Scribe) and Jill Cheever (Ring Steward and also wearing the RC riding shirt in navy).

It was a good day.

Monday, March 23, 2009

A Portrait of Penny

And here we have a portrait of my little princess, Penny. I commissioned this little painting of Penny The Pony at The Dreamy Giraffe ( I told the artist that I wanted Penny to be the pony version of one of her cute little whimsical girlies. You'll have to go check out The Dreamy Giraffe to see what I mean...

If I were a pony, I'd want to look just like Penny!