Thursday, February 26, 2009

How about a new RC tee?

This cute little diva tee just arrived. They are FOR SALE ($25) and ready to go. I just love the robin's egg blue color of the logo. For any of you who collect Riding Couture tees, these are the typical tissue style shirts that are long in the body and super stretchy. I stick with what works and all the girls just seem to love this style.

You have two choices to pick from, the black or chocolate brown...scroll down a few posts back and you can see the brown.

If you're wondering, the girl in the photo is me, Melonie, trying to look cool in my t-shirt. I didn't have a model available to shoot a picture, so we were out at the casino Saturday night and the hubster snapped a shot. Work that casino parking lot, Girl!

I will have more posts this week, but for now, well, that's all I've got in me.


Shano said...

You look like one of the divas I paint!! Haute!

Riding Couture said...

Oh, Giiiiiirl, I can only dream of being one of YOUR Divas!!