Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bangs Are In!

Who says? I say. Yeah me, Penny the pony. You all just wish you could have gorgeous, thick, blunt bangs like me, don't you? Melonie tries all the time, but burns them off with her flat iron, then complains to her hairdresser and asks if she can get bang extensions. She'd kill me if she knew I was telling you all this, but....whatever, she's my biggest fan and I do what I want.

Anyway, Happy New Year! I think Riding Couture has a lot in store for 2009. Melonie would tell you all herself, but we encountered a snow storm a week before Christmas (snow almost deeper than me) and she had to actually man the fort and take care of the farm the entire time. I even heard that the power went out on Christmas morning when she was opening her presents (hee, hee).

She's usually all dolled up riding my big palomino brothers around in circles, but NOPE, not this time. She looked ridiculous out there in these hideous camouflaged pants (I don't know why she wears these things, but it's true), pom-pom hat that didn't match, no lipstick, leopard gloves...I actually felt a little sorry for her. I mean, I've never seen her break soooo many fashion faux pas in such a short amount of time. I've been shaking my head from side to side for weeks in wonder. Oh, well, it's almost over and life is just about back to business as usual. She is back to wearing lipstick and showed me this new lip pen she got that stains your lips so you only need to wear lip gloss...that's my girl!

I heard that the website is going through an overhaul, too. Apparently Melonie hired her favorite illustrator to do a new piece that features guess who, ME, as the center of attention. And guess what? It's going to be on the opening page. I knew I would make it big one day. It's my time to Glow!

She also mentioned some new designs she thought up as she was shoveling the farrier out of the driveway. I only picked up on a little bit, but something about thermal tee, baby blue, embroidery, stiletto boot, elbow patches. I couldn't make a lot of sense of it, but I guess she knows what she's doing.

Well, until Melonie is feeling like answering the phone, I'll be taking messages!


Penny The Pony


Shano said...

Penny, did you get actual photos of Mel in her camo and NO LIPSTICK? That is very un-Texan of her. I don't believe it!

Can't wait to see the FAB illos on the main page! Oh wait. Maybe I can wait just a few days . . .


Melonie said...


Now you know why Melonie complimented you on YOUR camos. Birds of a feather, I suppose!

You girls! (shaking mane)

becca lyn photography said...

Penny, please ask your mother if you could model for are the CUTEST!!!