Sunday, December 7, 2008

More Bling!

I just LOVE these Bling tees. I'm tellin' ya, that stiletto boot is too haute, truly it is. I can't wait to see it on the runway on Wednesday at the Crave Women's show - - I will be there with Noble Horse Gallery, in their vendor booth.

Noble Horse Gallery is a REALLY cool Equestrian Lifestyle boutique in downtown Seattle, Washington. Heather Carder, the owner, has impeccable taste and lots of fabulous novelty equestrian products in the store. They were the 1st to carry Riding Couture products last fall. Go for a visit at .

The Bling horse head is brand new. I think this is going to wrap up the bling tees for 2008. The plan for the show on Wednesday is to have three of the girls walk out together all sparkly and sassy. Can't wait!

The question of the day is...what will I wear???

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Shano said...

Super HAUTE. But of course I'm impartial . . . LOL