Sunday, November 30, 2008

While Frying Bacon...

OMG, what a beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest! The sun was shining, we had a bit of a Pineapple Express come through and it was just a glorious day.

The day didn't start out so great, as I burned the bacon.....again! I told my husband that it has to be the pan, as I am truly a professional at frying bacon, I have been since as far back as I can remember, and I have been smokin' out the house the last three times! What is it? Gawd!

Anyway, while burning the bacon, I found a Sunday morning movie to watch...Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in Rush Hour 3. It was rather entertaining, I have to say, Chris Tucker kills me, but the reason I would even post any of this is because there was the coolest girl in the movie. Her name is Noemie Lenoir (see picture above right). I can't remember much of what she really had to do with the movie, besides being the usual babe that we need in most movies, and I didn't see the entire thing -- (plus, remember, I was "FB" {frying bacon} -- but she had this totally dramatic shaved head with this fabulous tattoo on the back. Man, I have to say this woman is truly one of the most beautiful women I have EVER seen in my life. The shape of her head and face, the color of her skin, eye shape and color, lips, everything. Geez Louise, she is truly a specimen! I flat out felt inspired and empowered by this woman. Don't ask me why, but she just got my day off to a rockin' start. I went down to the barn and cleaned my stalls and rode my men (two palomino dressage horses) and felt like a bad ass all day long! I wonder what I would look like with a shaved head? Hmm.

Well, I'll have to incorporate that look into something I do. I have a fashion show to attend on the 10th of December in Seattle (The Crave women's show to be exact). Wouldn't it be cool if one of my models had a shaved head...I could put her in black riding pants, stiletto knee highs and my denim riding shirt jacket -- oh, wait, I've got it: black riding breeches, black stiletto knee highs, black riding jacket, THEN she takes off the riding jacket and, BAM, she is wearing my super slinky (yet very hardy and made to ride in) black denim vest. That's it! It just came to me.

People ask me all the time how I come up with these things. Well, see how I'm inspired! You just witnessed me coming up with an outfit for my fashion show. That's how it works! Okay, we'll probably do without the shaved head, but still!

Thanks, Noemie, for making my day and offering up a little inspiration!

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